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This procedure rejuvenates and stimulates the skin leaving you with a fresh polished appearance, combined with a SkinCeuticals intense nutrient and botanical extract mask to nourish and hydrate. Recommended for ALL skin types and ages: often used to treat flakey, dull, thickened and sun damaged skin.


Advanced microneedling is a treatment utilizing very fine needles to penetrate to the skins middle layer (mesoderm). This stimulates collagen production and growth factor healing and plumping your skin from beneath to address fine wrinkles, poor tone, scaring and discolouration. This treatment is usually followed with a vitamin serum mask to additionally nourish your skin. Common treatment areas are the face, neck, décolletage.

Dysport® Botox

Wrinkles caused by repeated movements and muscle contractions can even develop in younger adults and may leave permanent deep lines if not treated.

Dysport®/Botox acts to prevent muscle contractions that cause facial lines, creases and dimpling, leaving the rest of your face to move naturally: no frozen look, just natural – looking results. ​

The majority of patients see improvement in just 2–3 days with lasting results up to four months with minimal downtime after treatment.

Botox can also be used to treat brow lift (heavy eyelid treatment), relaxing tight, prominent neck bands and medical conditions such as migranes, hyperhydrosis, post stroke, bells palsy and more.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have been designed to naturally enhance facial features through:

● Smoothing deep lines and wrinkles

● Restoring or adding volume to cheeks, lips, tear troughs & jaw line

● Enhancing facial contours

● Creating balance and symmetry

Results can be dramatic or subtle according to preference and are long lasting.

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP is widely used for the injection of injured joints and tendons in the medical realm because platelets release growth factors that enhance healing and regeneration of tissues.

During an aesthetic PRP treatment, your own platelets are harvested from your own blood, concentrated and used in treatments to improve facial tone, texture, colour, quality, skin, neck and décolletage, acne scars, stretch marks and much more.
PRP is most commonly known for application as a part of a ‘Vampire Facial` ​
PRP has also shown great results in the treatment of hair restoration.


Sclerotherapy is a method for the treatment of veins.
An injected sclerosing agent is used to treat small to large varicose veins and spider veins of the lower extremities in combination with compression therapy.

Hair Restoration

During hair restoration treatments, the scalp is microneedled to access the mesoderm and Platelet Rich Plasma from your own blood and is applied to regenerate hair, with amazing results. There is little to no down time and results appear totally natural.

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What They Say

“I was so impressed by Susan’s medical qualifications, years of experience in the practice of medical aesthetics and her warm personality that I booked my initial appointment with her for botox in my forehead and around my eyes. I felt so confident in Susan’s skills that I later booked a second appointment for filler in my chin where I had a deep line. TJ”

“I have had several treatments at essence medical that include trough filling, and Botox injection of the glabellar lines and I am more than pleased with the results I have obtained. Susan is a highly educated and experienced medical cosmetic aesthetician, which certainly shows through in her results.”

“The individual attention and explanation of treatments you receive is outstanding. Feeling confident that I am in the hands of someone that truly knows what they are doing is of highest importance to me and Essence medical provides me with this.”

“The relaxed, inviting atmosphere is immediately felt upon entering. The space is warm and open giving it a serene, unique aesthetic feel. Susan is friendly, professional and passionate about her work and it shines through in the way she interacts with her clients. I would highly recommend her services, you won’t regret it.”

“I had the best experience! Couldn’t have been any better, very knowledgeable and professional! Really changed my life, thank you so much!” – LS

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