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Just For Men

Essence Medical aims to provide effective services for all clients whether it be to rejuvenate the skin, treat scarring or help combat genetic related concerns that all individuals can experience. We have developed a “Just for Men” section to highlight some of the most popular procedures and services for our male population.
SharpLight Omnimax S4

Essence Medical locations are proud to provide over 60 clinical indications using SharpLight Omnimax S4 technology. This technology has been used to optimize dermatological practices and skin services to deliver superior treatment outcomes.

just for men

Hair Restoration

Our Platelet Rich Plasma for hair rejuvenation procedure is a known and effective hair restoration option that is safe and client specific. Male pattern hair loss is related to genetics, and is often cause for concern for clients.

This is a procedure using the platelet portion of a centrifuged blood sample from the client themselves. This platelet rich plasma is aimed at the hair follicle itself to control the growth cycle, improve the hair shaft size, energize the follicle from the bottom up, reducing hair loss.

just for men

Hair Removal

Shaving can be cumbersome, irritating and time consuming for our clients. Male clients can have unwanted hair growth to the neck, chest, face and back area, having to shave and cause irritation and discomfort.

Hair removal is a permanent hair reduction procedure using our Omnimax S4 laser technology that can allow our clients to throw away the razor and live razor burn free. This is a quick and painless procedure, and our treatment plans are client specific.

zero percent


Essence Medical is proud to offer zero percent in-house financing with very flexible monthly payment plans! Plan your entire year of skin care and treatments suited to your needs and pay in equal monthly installments at zero percent interest and no hassles. Plus, financing is available at all locations!

just for men


Skincare is for everyone. Men enjoy taking care of their skin and feeling refreshed. Our Hydrojelly masks from Esthemax are formulated to care for all skin types including acne prone skin, skin with excess sebum and oils, and skin with large visible pores.

Stack your treatment with microdermabrasion, laser facials or micro needling to maximize results. Your Essence Medical clinician will assist you in choosing the right treatment with Hydrojelly mask for you!

just for men


Women are not the only clients that can benefit from the anti-wrinkle treatment with disport neuromodulator. This effective treatment can reduce fine lines and wrinkles to the forehead, crows feet, angry lines, and so much more allowing men to feel rejuvenated and refreshed, and look as young as they feel!

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