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Platelet Rich Plasma

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Enhance healing and regeneration.

PRP is widely used for the injection of injured joints and tendons in the medical realm because platelets release growth factors that enhance healing and regeneration of tissues.

During an aesthetic PRP treatment, your own platelets are harvested from your own blood, concentrated and used in treatments to improve facial tone, texture, colour, quality, skin, neck and décolletage, acne scars, stretch marks and much more.

PRP is most commonly known for application as a part of a ‘Vampire Facial’​.
PRP has also shown great results in the treatment of hair restoration.

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Essence Medical is proud to offer zero percent in-house financing with very flexible monthly payment plans! Plan your entire year of skin care and treatments suited to your needs and pay in equal monthly installments at zero percent interest and no hassles. Plus, financing is available at all locations!

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